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WELCOME to TOOGOOM! - It means "A Place of Rest"

This beautiful sea-side suburb is often a place people stumble across, and fall in love with...

Enjoy a sunset drink and meal at Goody's Waterfront Restaurant next to the Boat Ramp.

Tuck into a scrumptious breakfast at the Salty Squid  Bistro where EVERYTHING is made onsite. 

Where else can you walk off your back door onto miles and miles of white, safe sandy beach and feel like it all belongs to you!

Go Fishing, kayaking, sailing or just simply relax. Our climate is just perfect.

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2/6 Jeppesen Road
Toogoom, QLD 4655
07 4128 0268
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4/54 Moreton Street, Toogoom QLD 4655
07 4192 7004
07 4128 0364
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